Welcome to the world of the Noh-omote!

Welcome to the world of the Noh-omote!



It is God in hope of the happiness of people. A symbol of God. It seems that a chin moves on the stage.


Please enjoy the world of the Noh-omote!

Welcome to the world of the Noh-omote! List of articles


The Noh-mask is called "the omote".Please come to the stage of the Japanese entertainment "Noh".I did other handwork from 10's in a downtown area of T...



Production process of the Noh-omote

"The manufacturing" makes daily effortsI polish many knives in a whetstone. It is a process to focus on.I use the tree growing in Kiso of Nagano. Work...



Noh-omote woman.. et al

Ko-omoteIt is a Noh-omote looking youngest.A flower and snowy fairy.



Noh-omote man.. et al

JyurokuA 16-year-old military commander."Atsumori Tairano" who was murdered in war.




kozaruThe monkey of a pretty child. There is the omote of the monkey of the parent, too.



Other masks

Issun-boshiI made it in the image of a chief character of "Issun boushi(Boy of approximately 3cm)" of the Japanese fairy tale.




RepairThe Noh-omote is vulnerable to water and heat.There is only a picture on a tree.It is a manner to have only the hole of the string.As for the No...




Order productionI receive the order of "the Japanese mask".Please feel free to contact me.It varies according to a kind.I need a production period of ...




InquiryInquiry*is required item*Name*Inquiry details contents*E-mail address(for confirmation)AddressAs for the image, the sentence placed in our site...