Let's enjoy the mask of the Japan!

Welcome to the world of the Noh omote(mask)!

Welcome!Please enjoy!The world of the Japanese masks.



It is God in hope of the happiness of people. A smile stands out with a rare mask where the jaw moves.

There are works I produced, so please have a look!I am doing not only mask production but also restoration.Well then, please enjoy!

Welcome to the world of the Noh omote(mask)! List of articles


Nice to meet you! I am a mask of a mask artist.We create over 200 different masks.Especially Japanese masks have delicate works that make you feel "he...



Production process of the Noh omote

"The manufacturing" makes daily effortsPlease see the production process of the mask of Japan.It is a carving sword used for Production.After sharpeni...



Noh omote woman.. et al

Ko-omoteIt is a mask that reminiscent of a young woman.It is an attractive mask as a flower fairy.



Noh omote man.. et al

JyurokuA mask of a young man who died of war at the age of 16.It is also a warlord of the Sengoku period.



Kyogen omote

kozaruThe monkey of a pretty child. There is the omote of the monkey of the parent, too.



Other masks

Issun-boshiIt is a mask that expresses a boy appearing in Japanese old tales.He is about 3 cm tall.




We will also repair the mask!Masks that are colored are vulnerable to excessive water and heat.Moreover, it may deteriorate if it is bad handling.Plea...




Order productionI will produce the best works.We are waiting for your order!Production time varies depending on mask type and material.Please allow ab...




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