My life so far・・・


The Noh-mask is called "the omote".Please come to the stage of the Japanese entertainment "Noh".



I did other handwork from 10's in a downtown area of Tokyo, but aimed at the Noh-omote craftsman decisively because I felt charm by chance in "Noh-omote Hannya".



It was the occupation that had been inherited from generation to generation from the Muromachi era to the Edo era, but the Meiji era began, and foreign culture entered, and the Noh declined. And the Noh-omote craftsman lost work, too and was cut off.



I am attracted by a Noh-omote and, to be a Noh-omote craftsman, am by little, but ability and the culture of the Noh-omote revived, but there are a great many people who do not know ability and the Noh-omote even in Japanese afterwards.


It is the thing that it is thankful for that it is conveyed using the Internet by various people what I studied.



There are approximately 300 kinds Noh-omote, kyogen comedy omote in addition. All has deep mind.It is still made without almost changing from the Muromachi era.



"Noh and the Noh-omote" which were authorized in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage are thankful if you can be interested by all means.



The Noh-omote production is a mask of the Japanese mind. Please enjoy the work of the Japanese sense of beauty.


When I performed a private exhibition in Asakusa "Amuse museum" of Tokyo, I demonstrate the Noh-omote production.




Noh omote(mask) craftsman "Tadataka Kano"profile



born in Asakusa, Tokyo.



I investigate an old Noh-omote in the Kinki district and aim at the Noh-omote craftsman for study at the start alone.I am apprenticed to Noh-omote craftsman Koichi Takatsu afterwards.


I receive a production request of Noh-omotek Hannya for clothes of the Miss Universe.I do a lecture of the Noh-omotek production in meeting "Waraku" of the Japanese dance.



In Italy Padova City Abanoterme, I participate in a culture, mask interchange exhibition.



I become independent by the death of the teacher.In Ebisu garden place "Japanese style immediate communication from one mind to another festival - Kusabi ... ," I do Noh-omote display.


I dedicate restoration and a kyogen comedy mask with an aspect of the Hiratsuka Hachiman shrine possession.


I hold "Noh-omote Craftsman Kouichi Takatsu Memorial service Noh-omote exhibition" in Waseda gallery.



In vanguard "Furiu of Japanese clothes ," I perform "a symbiosis, Noh-mask exhibition of a classic and the vanguard".


I hold a private exhibition in Tokyo downtown area "Asakusa Amuse museum".



I perform the lecture of "A Noh-omote and Noh-omote production" in Showa Women's University.



I do the lecture of the Noh-omote in the school and teach the people who enjoy it by a hobby Noh-omote production and do an event with an actor of the Noh in each place.


Published books

  • Hello work of creators
  • This is amazing! Cultural Encyclopedia of Nippon


Boss Noh omote(mask) craftsman "Koichi Takatsu"



If hide Japanese aesthetics secret; a flower.Teacher who died in 2011.



The skill and the heart that matured were very stern teachers fantastically. Let's drink liquor together several decades later. Thank you, Boss.


Published books

  • Koichi Takatsu's collection book
  • Noh-omote postcard book
  • Beauty of the Noh-omote
  • Coloring of the Noh-omote
  • Make the Noh-omote
  • The. ability com "people interview coverage publication "AXIS" December, 2011 issue supporting a Noh" A lot of interview coverage publication others.




October, 2011
I participated in the big event that Mr. mask craftsman Donato Sartori and Koichi Takatsu teacher of Commedia dell'arte planned in Italy Padova City Abanoterme.I demonstrated the Noh-omote production of Hannya with the Boss.






Mr.Donato Sartori which explains the mask which oneself made.




I was able to have a glimpse of the Italian splendid history. Thank you, everyone.