Production process of the Noh-omote

Production process of the Noh-omote

"The manufacturing" makes daily efforts





I polish many knives in a whetstone. It is a process to focus on.


I use the tree growing in Kiso of Nagano. Work is smooth and is a very expensive tree.






A Noh-omote has a model of the Muromachi era.



I keep the balance of eyes, a nose, the mouth and engrave it.


I carve the other side and paint with "urushi".I am nervous than I make the surface.


I paint with shell powder by a brush.


Noh omoteushojov

I make a color. I paint hair and eyes and a mouth with a sumi and crimson and am completion.




I make the same mask.I make anything. It is right a robot.


I make a soul.