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Introduction of mask artists

I will introduce Japanese mask artists!


Please enjoy Japanese charm!!


Nice to meet you! I am a mask of a mask artist.We create over 200 different masks.Especially Japanese masks have delicate works that make you feel "heart".Before introducing an attractive mask, I introduce myself.



I am a mask craftsman and my name is Kano.



I am a writer born in Asakusa, Tokyo.I have been involved in the manufacturing industry since my teens and now I am making masks.Manufacturing industry in Japan has many delicate techniques, there are lots of wonderful goods.Especially in Asakusa, Tokyo, traditional industries are popular and there are still many artisans.



What you need to create a mask is the sense of making a solid.It is a work that finishes using paint collected from Japanese minerals.



I have made demonstrations of masks in Japan and Italy.A mask was used by an actor, and a wonderful stage work was made.Many actors liked the mask I made.



At university, I did class related to mask.Learning Japanese tradition is a wonderful time.



Thanks to you, it was published in the book.My deceased teacher will also be watching in heaven.


Published books


  • Hello work of creators
  • This is amazing! Cultural Encyclopedia of Nippon


Currently, I am teaching mask creation to various people.We also sell masks, so please order by all means!



I will do my best for various activities.Please expect future activities!