Please see the production process of the mask.

Production process of the Noh omote

"The manufacturing" makes daily efforts


〜 Made in Japan 〜


Please see the production process of the mask of Japan.



It is a carving sword used for Production.After sharpening the cutting edge, production of the mask begins.



It is the stone used for the maintenance of the carving Sword.Sharpen the knife with the stone in nature.



It is also serious when sharpening a knife.I treat the tools carefully and I will not forget to prepare for mask making at any time.



I use the tree growing in Kiso of Nagano. Work is smooth and is a very expensive tree.





From the Muromachi Period the shape of the mask has hardly changed.



I keep the balance of eyes, a nose, the mouth and engrave it.




After carving the back side of the mask carefully, paint "urushi".




I paint with shell powder by a brush.After painting dozens of times, sharpen it to make a smooth surface.



Make a color that matches each mask and then paint it.It is completed by coloring with delicate technique to eyes, nose, mouth, hair.


Noh omote「Ko omote」


I am also receiving work to make exactly the same mask.




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