Look at the mask that expresses the woman.

Noh omote woman.. et al♀

Look at the mask of a seductive female statue.

Ko omote


It is a mask that reminiscent of a young woman.It is an attractive mask as a flower fairy.


Zo onna


Noble celestial maiden and God.It is expressed as a sublime woman.


Waka onna


The fairy of the flower and a mature beautiful woman.Black teeth are ancient Japanese makeup methods.




It is a mask of a mature beautiful woman and has a charm as a fairy.




It is expressed as a mother who lost a child.It is a mask that is also a yearly woman.




It is an elderly woman who feels sorrow.Hair has become gray hair.




The woman with the grudge against man.Eyes and teeth are golden and are creepy masks.




The woman with the grudge against man.It is in a state of anger that the horn grows from the head.




The woman with the grudge against man.It is a mask that feels the expression of terrible anger.




The woman with the grudge against man.Horn and fang grow, angry sad mask.

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