Look at the mask that expresses the man.

Noh omote man.. et al♂

There are masks of various male figures.



It is a mask that is expressed as Sengoku warrior or emperor.




A mask of a young man who died of war at the age of 16.It is also a warlord of the Sengoku period.




A son of the Emperor Daigo born blindness.He spent the sad life.The part of the black sumi of the head expresses a crown.




The boy who became a blind beggar for sorrow.Even if my eyesight is 0, it is a mask of a boy who is trying hard to live.




The boy of a fairy or the genius of the drum.In any case, it is a boy with mysterious power.




It is a mask that is expressed as a youth living in the Three Kingdoms period of China.




It is a mask that is expressed as Sengoku warrior and ghost.




It is a mask that expresses a man who died without fulfilling love.




It is a man who was killed for unreasonable reasons.It is an eerie expression, but it is a mask that conveys suffering.




Expression mask as the god of hell.It is a mighty mask that feels the strength of eyes and mouth.




It is a mask that is expressed as a ghost that has died in war.




It is a mask of a man who became an old man.Or it is a noh mask that is also used as a ghost.




It is a mask that is expressed as a small beast.There is strength in the fangs and eyes, and it fascinates with the force even in the stage.




It is a noh mask of a look similar to a monkey.There is also charm in the coloring which feels history.




It is a fairy of the liking to drink. A face is bright red.It is music of happy Noh.

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