I make a variety of masks!

Other mask

Please see the work created using creativity.



It is a mask that expresses a boy appearing in Japanese old tales.He is about 3 cm tall.




It is a mask that expresses a kitten in the city.


Hannnya the future


The passion of the woman who cannot die even if it becomes the skeleton.


Small mask


It is a mask of a size that fits in the palm of your hand.It is a very small pretty mask.

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Introduction of mask artists☆
It is the masked artist of Japan.Look at the wonderful masks.
Production process of the Noh omote
Please enjoy how to make a mask.
Noh omote woman.. et al♀
There are many masks that mimic women.
Noh omote man.. et al♂
The masks of male warlords and ghosts are fascinating.
Kyogen omote
The funny mask that is humorous is also wonderful!
Festival mask
It is a mask that excites the festival of Japan.
Repair of the Mask is also OK!
Made to order
We look forward to your order.
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